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Garden Landscaping Stone

Most of the materials on this website are listed with prices and in stock ready to deliver. Of course this might not suit your requirements on size or thickness. We are also suppliers of marble and stone to the highest standards from Italy and beyond. This may be in tile or slab form, or cut to size and installed. Let us know your requirements and we can source almost anything.

Stone Finishes

bush-hammered hammered-brushed mini_bush_hammered Flamed flamed-brushed Sand Blasted Chiselled striated
Bush Hammered Hammered Brushed Mini Bush Hammered Flamed Flamed and Brushed Sandblasted Wire Sawn Striated
rigata tumbled pillowed_edge antique stone-skin millau carved Chiselled
Rigata Tumbled Pillowed Antiqued Stone Skin Millau Carved Chisselled

STONE TILES DIRECT is working hard to make your project successful and affordable.

If you are looking for a specific limestone, advice on something you have not found here or need clarification on one of the topics above, then please feel free to call us on : Tel : 020 7993 5437 or email :

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Showing 1–24 of 55 results

Showing 1–24 of 55 results